A new trailer for the 4K restoration of RAD has been released. Utopia Distribution partnered with Vinegar Syndrome to bring the 80s cult classic to the modern age, as it had largely been lost to time in many ways. The movie hadn't officially been made available on disc and certainly hadn't been given an HD update. That has been amended, as this trailer reveals that it has been brought back to life and will be available on digital platforms next month.

The trailer gives a general overview of the plot, which sees an underdog BMX rider looking to compete in a notorious race. It largely focuses on the stunt riding and tricks that have helped to make the movie the classic of sorts that it has become. It is very much of its time, dripping with 80s imagery, which is played up quite a bit in the trailer. Utopia co-founder Robert Schwartzman had this to say about it.

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"This is a very personal project for me. My Father produced the film, my brother John filmed the opening and closing credits, my Mother plays Cru's Mom; my family grew up in and around the film and my father passed away before the film reached this phase of its release cycle. It's taken time to get things in order and reach this point, we're extremely grateful to all the fans for waiting all these years and for all the support we've received from our partners."

Originally released in 1986 during the rise of the BMX bike craze, Rad is a powerful piece of pop culture nostalgia. Rad has been newly restored in 4K from its original negative by Fotokem. The movie centers on Cru Jones, a small-town kid determined to win an infamous BMX race set on a nearly impossible course known as Helltrack. It proved to be a sleeper hit upon its initial release but has become a true 80s cult hit over the years. The 4K restoration was originally supposed to make its debut at SXSW back in March before the festival was canceled.

The cast includes Bill Allen (Born on the Fourth of July), Lori Laughlin (Full House), Talia Shire (The Godfather), Bart Conner (Peaceful Warrior), Jack Weston (Dirty Dancing) and Ray Walston (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). Hal Needham (Smokey And The Bandit, Cannonball Run}) directed the movie, with a script by Sam Bernard (Payback) and Geoffrey Edwards (Curse of the Pink Panther). Robert L. Levy and Jack Schwartzman serve as producers.

In addition to the trailer, a new poster has been released which we've included for you to check out as well. Rad is set to arrive via ALTAVOD on July 10, as well as On Demand platforms on July 24. A physical copy, in limited quantities, is also available via Vinegar Syndrome. Be sure to check out the new trailer from the Utopia YouTube channel.

Rad 4K Poster