Were you just as excited about Tom Cruise's The Mummy as we were, before it came out? Only to be let down in a big way? Well, the answer to all our ancient monster prayers have been answered with Rage of the Mummy. It may not have such a big budget, but what it lacks in production value, it's making up for in sure Mummy fun. Though Universal's Dark Universe take on The Mummy left a bad taste in our mouth, this thriller looks like the prefect antidote.

Straight from the shlock vaults comes Rage of the Mummy! The story boiled down to its very essence follows a three thousand year old mummy who takes vengeance on a group of occultists that decide the best thing in life to do is rob his tomb of mystical relics. That's where they make their first mistake!

Rage of the Mummy brings a perfect mix of horror, comedy and good old fashion monster movie, a genre of which is seriously making a comeback with movies like The Shape of Water and Monster Trucks. While Universal's Dark Universe might be on the back burner, as they decide whether or not they really want to reboot Bride of Frankenstein, Star Wizard Films, LLC appears to be filling the void with their own brand of classic ghouls.

The movie stars R. Scott Croushore as Detective Blake. He's been working in film since 2014, where he got his first featured role as 'Cripple Pickle Zombie' in the schlock masterpiece Hans Crippleton Talk to the Hans. He then went onto star in Tony's Place before taking on the dreaded creature in Rage of the Mummy.

Croushore is joined by Heath Heine as his partner on the police force. Heine first got noticed starring in the popular fan film Return of the Ghostbusters. He would later go onto appear in such under-basement classics as SANE in 1974, Wash Park and 476 A.D.. He first co-starred alongside Croushore in the must-see eye-stainer Hans Crippleton Talk to the Hans.

Dennis Vincent wrote, produced and directed Rage of the Mummy with all the rage of a filmmaker hunger for a new, good Mummy movie that could stand up next to the best in the sub-horror genre. Did he succeed? You only need look at our exclusive trailer provided by Star Wizard too find out.

This sneak peek takes us back to the ancient land of the Pharaohs, beyond the valley of the doomed. 13 sacred relics were taken from a tomb. Now, 17 people will die. He is the Mummy prince and for these thieves, luck is about to run out. And their accomplices, the Pharaohs of Darkness, will have learned of this curse too late. He will rise and bring deadly vengeance on them. No matter how far he must travel, he will find them. And it looks like he has to board a plane for Denver, Colorado. A master of disguises, the Mummy Prince can change his appearance at will. Nothing can stop him. And for Blake and Crawford, the body count is piling up. So, stop what you're doing, and dive deep into this tortured tale of death and curses. It's Rage of the Mummy! And we have a feeling it will be all the rage when it's released later this year.

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B. Alan Orange