Nearly one year ago, popstar Kesha released her critically acclaimed Rainbow album, and now she's releasing a documentary, which is also called Rainbow. The film chronicles the last year of Kesha's life in the recording studio making the record and on the road promoting it. While her professional life was soaring, her personal life was falling apart, and she attributes the album and documentary as a therapeutic process for her. However, this isn't just a normal documentary, infused with studio and live footage are psychedelic vignettes, which help to convey Kesha's mindset at various times.

Kesha's Rainbow documentary will be released on August 10th, exclusively through Apple Music. The film is her directorial debut and features never-before-seen footage while she was creating in a very dark place. In releasing the movie, Kesha hopes that it will inspire others to "never give up," and reach out if they need help. She had this to say about the Rainbow documentary.

"Making Rainbow the album was such a therapeutic process and given the opportunity to turn it into a three-dimensional piece of art has helped me find even deeper healing and catharsis. I hope this film inspires others to never give up even if you feel full of hurt or lost, because after the storm comes a rainbow. Depression, anxiety and mental illness are things we all need to talk about more, and there is no shame in asking for help. Making the decision to work on yourself is the bravest thing you can do. I hope this film helps bring light and love to everyone."

To promote the upcoming release of her Rainbow movie, Kesha and Apple Music have released a short trailer. There's shots of her in the studio writing and recording the Rainbow album as well as scenes of her powerful performance at the Grammys during the height of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. There's also some footage of the previously mentioned psychedelic clips, which feature some pretty intense situations like falling into a dark hole, drowning, and a shot that looks like she has her mouth gagged. Early on in the trailer, she explains her state of mind.

"Sometimes things feel like they're too much to handle. You may be able to pull it together and put on a front in front of others. But inside you're trapped, suffocating slowly."

The Rainbow documentary looks like it will be a pretty brutal take on the last year of Kesha's life. The singer has been battling producer Dr. Luke since 2013 in a series of lawsuits in which she alleges that the producer sexually, physically, and mentally abused her, as well as other artists over the years. She also implies that Dr. Luke has kept her from getting other work, essentially blackballing her from the music industry.

Kesha's Rainbow documentary was made with her brother, Lagen Serbert, who is a filmmaker. The two have collaborated on many of Kesha's music videos over the last handful of years as well. While there are moments of lighthearted fun in the Rainbow trailer, it pretty much looks like it's going to be a heavy experience for viewers to take in. You can watch the trailer for Kesha's Rainbow below, thanks to the Beat 1 Apple Music YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick