The latest international trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 shows glimpses of Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and Big Hero 6's Baymax. The new trailer gives us a lot of unseen footage while also giving a better tease of the storyline, just like the previous trailer that dropped last month. Vanellope has a much easier time navigating the worldwide web than Ralph, who accidentally ends up owing eBay a lot of money for winning a velvet painting of a "sorrowful kitten."

Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph leave the arcade behind to explore the mysterious and exciting world of the internet in Wreck-It Ralph 2. The duo are on a quest to save Vanellope's racing game, which results in a crazy adventure. Ralph thinks that Google stores a bunch of goggles, and struggles to pronounce WIFI. The internet is brand-new to the arcade and the citizens are scared of the unknown, except for Vanellope, who is certain that there's more to the arcade world that she currently lives in.

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The Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer also hints at some of the fun that Vanellope has with her new Disney Princess friends and the Stormtroopers from Star Wars that cause her to stumble into the lives of the princesses in the first place. The sequel recently came under fire for the appearance of Princess Tianna from The Princess and the Frog. Tianna was given a slimmer nose and a lighter complexion from how she appears in the original animated film, which led to some backlash and a quick fix from Disney with the help of actress Anika Noni Rose.

Princess Leia was left out of the Disney Princesses scene in Wreck-It Ralph 2, which has angered some Star Wars fans. However, the choice was made early on to include the more traditional princesses. Co-director Rich Moore admitted that the process of choosing which ones would make the cut was initially pretty daunting, but in the end, he's happy with the decision that they made. Plus, Carrie Fisher might not have ever even wanted to become a Disney Princess, so it sounds like the decision to leave her out was a wise one, though it would have still been pretty cool.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 busts into theaters on November 21st, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The sequel was directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston from a script by Johnston and Pamela Ribon. The movie was produced by Clark Spencer and comes 6 years after the first film, which earned over $471.2 million at the worldwide box office. Talk of a sequel started immediately after the release of the first movie, but it took a long time to develop. Thankfully, Disney fans only have to wait a little over a month to finally see Wreck-It Ralph 2 in theaters. While we wait, you can check out the latest international trailer below, thanks to the Disney U.K. YouTube channel.