Sylvester Stallone has teased more details about the Rambo: Last Blood storyline with some new images. A few weeks ago, the actor shared some pictures of John Rambo's "adopted family," which includes his co-stars Adriana Barraza and Yvette Monreal, who are playing Maria and Gabriella, respectively. While the last images were more of an introduction to Barraza and Monreal's characters, this new set offers up some further details about them and what actually attracts the movie to Mexico in the first place.

Rambo 5 was in development for nearly a decade before production officially started. Back in 2009, Sylvester Stallone had the plan to use James Byron Huggins' 1999 novel, Hunter, The Savage Hunt as the source material, but later decided against it. He is now developing an adaptation of the novel instead. This leads us to an entirely different story from the upcoming installment in the franchise. Stallone had this to say.

"Gabriella wants to go to Mexico to see her father who deserted her many years ago. Rambo and Gabriella's grandmother are very much against this... 'I just want to ask him why he left us...' She says and begins her journey."

The Rambo 5 storyline will have a lot going on under the surface. While action is a given, the story will also deal with John Rambo's PTSD and his drinking problem that he has developed to cope with his past. The character has been reluctant to fight in the past and it seems that this installment will be no different until someone messes with his "adopted family." Stallone looks to be bringing a more three dimensional John Rambo to the big screen this time around to show what really makes the character tick.

Sylvester Stallone is clearly excited about bringing Rambo 5 to fans and seems to have this kind of enthusiasm with every project that he is involved in. With that being said, there are pretty strong rumors going around that this will be the last time that the 72-year old actor will play John Rambo on the big screen. The actor has yet to officially announce the news, but he did reveal that he has retired from the Rocky franchise after Creed 2, though many believe that he will be back.

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There is no official release date set for Rambo 5 at this time. It is believed that the sequel will hit theaters this fall, possibly late September or October. Sylvester Stallone is preparing to work on The Extractors: Escape Plan and it is also believed that production on the long-awaited Expendables 4 will begin by the end of the year. The Expendables news has yet to be confirmed, but knowing Stallone, he'll be able to pull everything off and then dive head first into a new project without taking much of a break. You can check out the latest Rambo 5 images below, thanks to Sylvester Stallone's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick