Sylvester Stallone is continuing to tease the production start of Rambo 5 with a new social media post. The latest update follows a video that the actor released a few weeks ago featuring him in training to prepare for filming. Stallone is in his 70s and is seen doing 250lbs tire flips, while telling fans not to let age get in the way of their "pumping" and "pushing." Stallone did the same type of video when he and Dolph Lundgren were training for Creed 2.

With Creed 2 currently in the post-production phase, Sylvester Stallone is focused on Rambo 5. He posted a picture of John Rambo in the rain, clutching a machete with a caption that reads, "Starting soon and getting very excited... The world may be changing but not him. Nothing Is Over!" After seeing the training video and this new image, it's clear that Stallone is ready to return to the Rambo franchise after ten years of fans wondering if they'd ever see the actor back as the iconic character.

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Rambo 5 was first teased in May of this year, with Sylvester Stallone releasing a poster for the long-awaited sequel. At that time, it was believed that Stallone was going to direct the film as well as write, but it has since been announced that Get the Gringo director Adrian Grunberg will be helming the project. Filming is expected to begin this month in Bulgaria as well as the Spanish Canary Islands. It is unclear at this time if Rambo 5 will do any filming in the United States.

Rambo 5 will take place after the events of the last film and will see the character residing in Arizona. Rambo lives and works on a ranch, trying to live a private and quiet life. However, that all changes when a human trafficking gang starts abducting local women and bringing them into Mexico. John Rambo teams with a journalist to rescue the women, and it appears that there will be quite a bit of interrogation scenes as evidenced by casting videos. It all seems like a pretty solid plot that will bring Sylvester Stallone back into some pretty crazy action.

It's unclear when Rambo 5 will open in theaters, but the original teaser posters announced a fall 2019 release date. That has yet to be confirmed at this time, but that news will more than likely be announced in the next few months, once production gets moving. Everything seems to be slowly coming together for the long-awaited sequel, which is great news for fans of the franchise. While the 2008's Rambo 4 wasn't a box office sensation, Stallone has had a resurgence with the release of Creed, and he has brought his strong work ethic to a sequel to that franchise, in addition to Rambo 5 and planning another installment of The Expendables. You can check out the latest teaser for the sequel below, thanks to Sylvester Stallone's Instagram page.