It's been a little while since we last heard anything about Rambo 5, which has also been known as Rambo: Last Stand. Sylvester Stallone has quite a lot on his plate at the moment, with The Expendables 2, Expendables 3, Bullet to the Head, and The Tomb all on the horizon. But the actor still plans to bring John Rambo's story to a close sometime in the future.

While at CinemaCon 2012 last week, the action icon talked about his plans for this long-gestating sequel, and revealed that John won't finish out his days alone, riding a tractor on some dirty old farm in middle America. Instead, he will grab his bow and head off on one last adventure.

"There's a volcanic eruption [brewing]. The magma of Rambo is coming to the surface. It's one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where he realizes what his destiny really is. It's not to be a farmer, it's not to be obscure; it's to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that's just his id? That's who he is."

So John Rambo will go out in a blaze of glory, which means he may die on screen, as Sylvester Stallone has hinted at in the past. The Mexican storyline we've heard about also seems to still be in play.

"I like the whole Mexican situation, what's going on down there. So I'm working on a formula for it right now."

Even though Sylvester Stallone seems quite committed to bringing fans Rambo: Last Stand, we probably won't see it until 2015 or 2016.

B. Alan Orange