Action icon Sylvester Stallone brought Rambo back to the big screen last year with the seemingly decisively titled Rambo: Last Blood. While many had assumed (thanks in part to Stallone flat out saying it would the case) that Rambo: Last Blood would live up to its title and be the final outing for the tortured veteran, Stallone has now taken to social media to tease that this might not be the case after all. We could see John Rambo return in Rambo 6 is we're lucky.

The Extended Cut of Rambo: Last Blood, which was released on Amazon Prime Video back in May, has now finally hit Apple TV earlier this week. In promoting the release, Stallone made the surprise announcement that, despite the marketing for Last Blood declaring it the final Rambo adventure, audiences may not have seen the last of John Rambo.

"SEE THE REAL JOURNEY - " YOU JUST DON'T TURN IT OFF!!!! " MAKE IT #1 THIS WEEKEND ! ( He could be back ) Much respect , Sly."

Sylvester Stallone seems to be much more enamored by the extended cut of Rambo: Last Blood, calling it "the real journey", and is perhaps waiting to see how successful the release of this alternate cut of the movie is before officially announcing any return for the character. Critically, Stallone's return as Rambo has seen much less success than the return of another of his cinematic iconic, boxing hero Rocky Balboa, who of course was not only brought back to complete his own franchise but even managed to be victoriously spun-off into the critically-acclaimed Creed starring Michael B Jordan.

Rambo: Last Blood meanwhile was met with scathingly negative reviews upon release, with criticisms aimed at the script, graphic violence, and accusations of racist and xenophobic attitudes toward Mexico. The movie grossed over $91 million worldwide against a production budget of $50 million, with print and advertising costs said to be around $30 million, which, while not quite the flop it was called at the time, is certainly a disappointing return for a Stallone/Rambo vehicle.

With both the critical and financial disappointments in mind, it is no real surprise that Stallone is considering bringing the character back another last time in order to give Rambo the silver screen send-off he so richly deserves.

Coming over a decade after the last outing, and almost four decades after he drew first blood, Rambo: Last Blood finds Sylvester Stallone returning as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now living in Arizona at his deceased father's horse ranch, Rambo's peaceful life is interrupted when Gabriela, his friend's granddaughter, disappears in Mexico. He decides to free her from the clutches of local cartels, starting a cycle of revenge.

Directed by Adrian Grünberg with a screenplay co-written by Matthew Cirulnick and Sylvester Stallone, Rambo: Last Blood is the fifth installment in the Rambo franchise and co-stars Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, Yvette Monreal, Genie Kim, Joaquín Cosío, and Oscar Jaenada. This comes to us from Sylvester Stallone's official Instagram account.