Moviehole reports that Sylvester Stallone is no longer referring to the next "Rambo" movie as Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra:

Seems Stallone - or the studio - has again changed the name of the next "Rambo" movie. You'll recall that it started off as Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye, then a couple of months ago he announced that the film would be called Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra. Here's 'Matthew' with what it's called now... RELATED: Sylvester Stallone's Props from Rocky, Rambo & More Are Heading to Auction

Not sure if this is common knowledge or not. On the news tonight, when Stallone was being interviewed by Richard Wilkins, he said that the name of the 4th Rambo film is going to be called John Rambo, in keeping with the Rocky Balboa thing.

'Chad' also confirms that Stallone mentioned the new title for the film - but on radio, rather than TV.

The next chapter finds Rambo recruited by a group of Christian human rights missionaries to protect them against pirates, during a humanitarian aid deliver to the persecuted Karen people of Burma. After some of the missionaries are taken prisoner by sadistic Burmese soldiers, Rambo gets a second impossible job: to assemble a team of mercenaries to rescue the surviving relief workers.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2008. For now, we are keeping the title in our database as Rambo IV: In The Serpent's Eye until we get official word of a name change :)