Rambo: Last Blood has not been getting rave reviews. Sylvester Stallone may have made the worst movie of the year, if critics are to be believed. While that's pretty harsh, nothing can really compare to what Rambo creator David Morrell had to say about the sequel. Morrell wrote the 1972 novel First Blood, which then sparked the franchise. The author and the studio were able to come to an agreement over the years, which saw both benefitting. But, it looks like that relationship may have broken down.

The early reviews for Rambo 5 have not been kind. Most of the reviews are offended by something in the movie, which is a matter of opinion. However, most of the reviews aren't talking about problematic scenes and portrayals, they're referring to the script. One person even compared it to a bad Sons of Anarchy episode, while another called it "Taken meets Home Alone, only Racist," which is pretty harsh on its own. Rambo creator David Morrell took things to the next level and had this to say about the sequel.

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"I agree with these Rambo: Last Blood reviews. The film is a mess. Embarrassed to have my name associated with it."

First Blood took a much different approach than Rambo: Last Blood. When we first met Rambo, he was antiauthoritarian in every way. Rambo stood up against the abuse of power. However, the latest installment seems to find the character in a much different part of his life where he is pro-authority. Politics aside, it's just a lot different from what most fans of the franchise think of when they think of John Rambo and what he originally stood for.

While there are plenty of reviews dumping on Rambo: Last Blood, there are more than a few fans of the franchise who are happy to see Sylvester Stallone back in action. With such a successful franchise, it's hard to live up to the 1980s glory days. Some will argue that this is an action movie that we're talking about here, and it's supposed to be a fun way to pass the time and eat some popcorn while watching people get blown up and stabbed. It's not some heavy arthouse film waiting to be discussed and dissected.

Regardless, there seems to be a lot more people who are not into Rambo: Last Blood than those who are into it. This will more than likely result in some people wanting to go see a movie that so many people are trashing. Sylvester Stallone has been on a roll up until now. Both Creed and Creed 2 were seen as a new level for the actor and many had hoped that would continue to the latest Rambo movie too. You can check out David Morrell's Twitter review of Rambo: Last Blood below.