One man army, John Rambo, is coming back for more bloodshed later this year in what could well be his last adventure. Hollywood superstar, Sylvester Stallone, is of course returning to the role, one of the two iconic characters that made him the A-lister he is today, for Rambo: Last Blood. We now have a new image from the film that comes courtesy of Fandango's 2019 Fall Movie Preview, and it gives us another glimpse of our now aged warmachine as he preps himself for incoming invaders along with a batch of official stills released by Lionsgate.

The first image is quintessentially Rambo, showing his now weathered face lit up by the light of a flaming, make-shift torch, as he readies himself once again for battle. He sits behind a weapon that, again, is very Rambo, a giant crossbow no doubt lined up to tear in half whichever villain is stupid enough to walk into the path of our unstoppable hero.

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Rambo: Last Blood is the fifth installment in the much beloved franchise, and picks up with the man himself, having now found some semblance of peace on his childhood ranch in Bowie, Arizona in the American Southwest. He has put the weapons of war down and now rides horses to pass the time, and has even found friendship and, perhaps, even happiness. Not bad for the Vietnam vet who rips throats out.

Of course, this cannot last (because there'd be no movie), and Rambo's new life is soon disrupted when a daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel. Surprisingly, this turns out to be a very unfortunate mistake for them, as Rambo dusts off his fists, sharpens his blades and crosses into Mexico in search for her.

Rambo must confront his violent past in order to once again be the kind of hero that leaves piles of bodies in his wake as he pursues vengeance and justice.

The film comes from a largely untested director, Adrian Grunberg, who to date only has three directing credits to his name, including Rambo: Last Blood. He has however worked on the likes of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Apocalypto and Tony Scott's Man on Fire as Assistant Director, so his ability to handle to kind of bloodthirsty action a Rambo film usually warrants is all but assured.

Alongside Sylvester Stallone, the film boasts a diverse cast that includes Sergio Peris-Mencheta, mostly known for FX's crime drama series Snowfall, as Rambo's latest adversary. The actor will play Hugo Martinez, the Mexican cartel's brutal leader. Aiding Rambo in his latest war will be Yvette Monreal, Adriana Barraza and Paz Vega as a reporter who assists our hero in tracking down his friend's daughter.

The film hits theaters on September 20th, and though you may think another Rambo film is unnecessary, just remember, they drew first blood. Fandago gives us the newst of these images.

Rambo Last Blood Image #1
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