Sylvester Stallone has shared a new promo for Rambo: Last Blood. The actor is trying to get more fans in theaters to see the sequel after it was only able to land in third place over the weekend at the box office. However, Stallone is using some of the criticism of the movie to promote it. Specifically, Stallone is highlighting the fact that people have been critical over the amount of violence, so the promo takes aim at those critics, which is pretty funny.

The new Rambo: Last Blood promo highlights the violence and action of the sequel. There's no new footage from the movie, but there is some bonus material fresh from the franchise's archives of reviews. The video begins by asking the question, "Can't handle Rambo?" Which then flashes to British audiences reacting to 1982's First Blood. One viewer calls it, "extremely violent," while another says, "it's disturbing." One final viewer sums it up best by saying he thought it "was just Americans doing what they usually do in these films." The voiceover than states, "it's not everyone's cup of tea."

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Rambo: Last Blood is definitely "not everyone's cup of tea." The sequel has been bashed by fans of the franchise and critics for various reasons. Rambo creator David Morrell says he's "embarrassed" to have his name attached to it, after claiming a very early version of the movie would have been an "awards contender." A lot of people are upset over the violence depicted in the movie, but as the latest promo points out, that's what the franchise has always been about. People want to see Sylvester Stallone out blowing things up and killing people.

While Rambo 5 wasn't able to top the box office for its opening weekend, it will more than likely end up being a modest box office success when all is said and done. And while Sylvester Stallone has talked about the sequel being the final time he shows up as John Rambo on the big screen, there are already talks about a possible sixth movie. Stallone is a machine and he loves doing what he does, so if he can keep it going physically, there's no reason why he should stop now.

Rambo: Last Blood does have its champions. Many enjoyed the popcorn movie for what it is a and quick look through Sylvester Stallone's social media posts find that people from all over the world are enjoying the sequel and what Stallone brought to the table this time around. Violence isn't for everybody, which is the point of the new promo. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently congratulated his old friend on Rambo: Last Blood and he is getting prepared to do the same career move with Terminator: Dark Fate. Maybe the critics will be a little nicer to Arnold. You can check out Sylvester Stallone's Instagram for the new promo video.