Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema brought its video game adaptation Rampage to theaters for Thursday night sneak previews, pulling in a solid $2.4 million at the box office. That figure is just behind the last collaboration between Dwayne Johnson and director Brad Peyton, San Andreas, which opened with a $3.1 million Thursday preview en route to a $54.5 million opening weekend, but Rampage isn't expected to pull off that big of a debut. In fact, it's looking more and more likely that Paramount's low budget thriller A Quiet Place will repeat atop the box office with an impressive projected second weekend total of $33 million, but we'll have to see if those numbers hold up.

Rampage opens in 4,101 theaters today, although there is no indication how many theaters showcased the movie early for Thursday night sneak peeks. Box office analysts were predicting an opening weekend between $30 million and $40 million for this video game adaptation, starring Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris, but now it seems the movie is underperforming and will come in below those expectations. Rampage is expected to take in $10 million on Friday, including the $2.4 million Thursday haul, which shifts its opening weekend projections to somewhere between $27 million and $28 million.

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What's more, if the projections keep dropping, it will likely debut in second place behind last weekend's winner, A Quiet Place, which is looking to put together an impressive second weekend. A Quiet Place is also expected to earn $10 million on Friday, which puts its second weekend estimate at $33 million, down roughly a third from its $50.2 million opening. If it does cross $33 million this weekend, it will bring the horror-thriller past the $100 million domestic plateau, with the movie currently at $67 million domestic and $92.1 million worldwide, from just a $17 million budget.

Budgeted at a relatively modest $120 million, Rampage will still need a solid opening weekend to help turn a profit, but the movie is already faring well overseas as well. Rampage is eyeing an impressive $60 million opening weekend in China, although Warner Bros. and New Line only take home between 25% and 27% of the grosses in the Middle Kingdom. Blumhouse's Truth or Dare is also faring better than expected, eying a Friday tally of $7.5 million, including $750,000 from Thursday previews, en route to an opening weekend between $17.7 million and $18 million.

Rampage hasn't exactly been a hit with critics either, pulling in a middling 51% on critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. And with Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters exactly two weeks from today, Rampage will likely not have the same kind of endurance as Dwayne Johnson's last blockbuster, Jumanji, which earned over $400 million domestic and $950 million worldwide. You can head over to Deadline for their full box office report, and check back Sunday for the top 10 estimates, to see how Rampage truly fares in theaters.