It is 2017 and video game movies still aren't good. Sure, some have accomplished visual spectacle, but a great movie based on a video game has yet to be made, at least by most accounts. But if one man can change that, it is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he is going to give it his best shot with Rampage, which is set for release next year. Thanks to The Rock, we now know that the movie is going to start shooting this April, as well as some details about his character in the Rampage movie.

Dwayne Johnson took to his Instagram in order to share the details of a very lengthy, six-hour script session with the writers and producers of Rampage. They are apparently trying to whip things into shape, because the movie is going to start filming in April and it will be the next movie he will be shooting. That is relatively significant, because The Rock is arguably the busiest man in showbusiness and has a ton of projects lined up. Here is what he had to say in his Instagram post.

"Spent my Friday night at our Warner Bros offices in a 6hr script session with these rampaging rockstars. Our Rampage (next movie I'll make) writers, producers, director and star (occasionally me). Even though this took us deep into Friday night and we all have families and stuff to do - this kind of meeting is so critical to our movie's success. Everyone's instincts were firing on the highest of levels. My fav moment from this merciless 6hr meeting was when I shared with this group that there's an equity and trust I've built with my audience that they trust me to take them on an epic ride, and always do our best to send them home happy. A very cool moment to see everyone's eyes light and heads start to nod. To win on any level you gotta have teamwork and collaboration and cant thank everyone enough in this room for their energy and focus. You truly helped us move the needle. And Wendy Jane you're Superwoman for your creative brilliance and putting up with all these asshole's dumb guy jokes. Not me of course, I'm a gentleman. Next stop for me in my research - the Primate division at the Atlanta Zoo (my character's a Primatologist & head of an anti poaching unit in Rwanda). Really informative and educational character to play and project to work on. More to come. Start shooting this April. #Rampage"

The most interesting bit is that Dwayne Johnson will be playing a Primatologist and the head of an anti-poaching unit. For those who may not know, the Rampage video game was a very simple game that centered on a big lizard who went by the name Lizzy, a giant werewolf named Ralph and massive ape named George who were running amok in the United States destroying city after city. So, based on what we now know, it seems like The Rock is going to have some sort of connection to the giant ape George in Rampage, which could be interesting. Rampage, as a video game, doesn't really have much of a plot, so the creative team will be able to sort of craft their own narrative around a very general premise, which could wind up working heavily in their favor. Part of the problem with video game movies thus far is that they are often beholden to a lot of very specific plot and character details that are difficult to distil down and fit into a two-hour movie.

Rampage is going to reunite Dwayne Johnson with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton, who has been brought on by Warner Bros. to helm the adaptation. He was also recently rumored to be in the running to direct The Rock in the upcoming Shazam movie. Moonlight and Skyfall star Naomie Harris has also been confirmed to star in the movie. Rampage has a release date of April 20, 2018. You can check out Dwayne Johnson's full Instagram post for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott