With production continuing on Rampage, Dwayne Johnson has been sharing tons of photos from the set, but one of his most recent social media post takes a shot at fellow A-lister Tom Cruise. This comes just a few days after another social media post, where Dwayne Johnson impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger. While The Rock had nothing but praise for Arnold Schwarzenegger in his post from last week, this latest update reveals that Dwayne Johnson will never be caught dead running like Tom Cruise. Here's what Dwayne Johnson had to say on social media.

"Headhunter lean.. with full grenade belt. While shooting this running scene all day, one of our producers said 'Rock you're running like Tom Cruise in his movies'.. I said stop the music right there. Nope. Cruise runs like 6 o'clock. Straight up and down, arms tight to the body like an offensive player running for the end zone. This is the run of a defensive headhunter. Forward lean, stride long, arms open and pumping. Intense eyes fixated on the target which my warrior ancestors lovingly referred to as your head. This running form is also called, 'get me the f--k outta here because there's a genetically modified 50 TON BEAST that's trying to eat me and all I wanted to do is just want to go home and have tequila and waffles.'"

The accompanying Instagram photo shows that Dwayne Johnson certainly doesn't run like Tom Cruise, whose running style has often been the butt of many jokes throughout the years, despite how successful his movies may be. In a more serious post, the actor shared another image from the set, where he's standing alongside his director, Brad Peyton. Here's what the actor had to say about working with the filmmaker for his third time.

"Teamwork & good eggs. Life's too short so we all gotta make it count. I try very hard to only surround myself with hungry, hard working, smart and most importantly, good people. Over and over again. The man on the right is my Ramapge director @peytonology. This is our third film together (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas). We share the same philosophy: work very hard, raise the bar, be grateful and take the world on an unforgettable and fun ride with our movies. Guy on the right is my friend and a good egg. Guy on the left...lazy asshole."

Rampage started production in April, almost exactly one year before its April 20, 2018 release date. The Rock is surrounded by a talented supporting cast that includes Naomie Harris as a geneticist his character Davis Okoye teams up with, Malin Akerman as the primary villain, who runs the corporation responsible for creating these three monstrous creatures, Jake Lacy as the villain's brother, and Joe Manganiello, Marley Shelton, P.J. Byrne, Jack Quaid, Matt Gerald and Breanne Hill in unspecified roles. As of now, Rampage will be going up against the Focus Features comedy Tully, starring Charlize Theron and Mark Duplass. Take a look at the latest photos from the Rampage set, courtesy of Dwayne Johnson's Instagram.