Last week, Corey Feldman kept his promise to release big news on his upcoming Hollywood pedophile expose titled (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys. He provided fans with E-ticket information, a release date and a poster, confirming that the movie was indeed on its way very soon. Perhaps the most shocking thing about the entire reveal is that it will only be shown one time. Many have questioned Corey Feldman's motives in making a documentary that can only be viewed once. Taking to his official Twitter account, Corey has now broken down the reasons behind showing his powerful new movie one single time.

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Corey Feldman was having trouble finding a distributor for his Truth documentary. And Netflix, who seems to pick up every wayward release with any interest behind it, declined to stream the movie. Feldman claimed the popular app deemed the movie 'too dangerous'. And that is another reason why Feldman can only afford to stream this one time for the entire world to watch at the exact same moment in history. The movie will stream at 8pm in Los Angeles. Anyone else in a different time zone will need to check which time they'll have to log on and watch simultaneously.

Showing the movie in this type of venue has never been done before, at least Corey Feldman doesn't believe so. Here, he will be able to name names without any cover up, allowing everyone to view the movie at the exact same time, making their own initial judgements on it without the interference of the media. The E-tickets will cost $20 apiece.

Corey Feldman is really putting his neck on the line with this movie. Since it was announced, Feldman and his family have had to be under security watch 24/7. And in the lead up to the big announcement, Feldman claims there were two attempts on his life. Feldman went onto state this in a live streaming video on his social media accounts.

"There are things you have to do for insurance reasons when you're putting out something like this. This is very, very dangerous stuff and it's very risky stuff. You know we have to have 24 hour armed security, we don't know what's gonna happen. Of course we have fear, there's been two attempts on my life. There obviously could be more, we hope not but we don't know what's going to happen. It's scary, it's very, very scary."

Corey Feldman made (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys as a promise to Corey Haim. Feldman has vowed to release the name of a very powerful person in Hollywood, who raped Corey Haim on the set of Lucas back in 1985. In 2017, actor Dominick Brascia accused Charlie Sheen of being the one to rape Haim. Corey Haim's mother Judy later came out and alleged that it was actually Brascia who sexually assaulted her son. Sheen has vehemently denied all of these accusations. Brascia would die almost a year after making the claims about Charlie Sheen. He was only 62 at the time of his death. Working as a radio DJ at the time, his employer stated that Brascia died of natural causes. There are a lot of controversies surrounding the death of Dominick Brascia. But it is unclear if Corey Feldman will go into that side of the story in his documentary.

In 2018, Corey Feldman was hospitalized after being stabbed in an attack by three unidentified men. It is believed that he was stabbed by a needle. At the time, some alleged that the Hollywood Wolf Pack was behind the incident. Others believed that Haim's mother Judy, allegedly the ring leader of the Wolf Pack, instigated the incident. She has gone on the record to deny this, and says she has absolutely nothing to do with the attacks on Corey Feldman's life. In a recent interview, Judy Haim denied these claims saying, 'This is so weird and bizarre. There is no wolf pack. For me to be the head of a gang, or a cult, is mind blowing. I have no words. My friends laugh at me, but they're going, 'Don't take this too hard.' Are you kidding me?'

When Judy Haim was asked who Corey Feldman was going to name in his documentary, she said she didn't know, but hopes that he is telling the truth about what happened to her son, "Please. Do it. I want to know who it is. I wish he would. Because if there is a name out there, I want it known." But she doesn't believe there is anyone beyond Dominick Brascia connected to her son's abuse. Though Dominick Brascia was never proven to be Haim's abuser in a court of law. Judy Haim goes onto say, 'I don't know who he is planning on naming. But there is no one else. My son actually outed Dominick without saying his name on their reality show, The Two Coreys. He's the one that actually finally came out, and he exposed himself, telling the truth to the whole world."

For the record, Judy Haim insists that she had nothing to do with Dominick Brascia's death. She has confirmed that she will not show up in Corey Feldman's documentary. Feldman has promised that Haim's side of the story will finally be told in full, and that this movie is for him. The movie will have its one time showing on March 9. Corey Feldman has called the production process one of the most emotionally trying of his entire career. We can't wait to see what new information comes to light in Corey Feldman's documentary. Tickets can be purchased at starting February 22.