Lionsgate has nabbed The Office's Craig Robinson to star in Rapturepalooza as the Ant-Christ. Paul Middleditch is directing this end of the world comedy from writer Chris Matheson.

Rapturepalooza is one of three new movies Lionsgate is lining up as part of their newly launched micro-budgeted movie slate. The second entry is titled Gay Dude, which is being compared to Superbad. Only in this comedy from Parks and Recreation writer Alan Yang, the Jonah Hill character turns out to have homosexual feelings towards his best friend, which he confesses during a wild run to lose his virginity.

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The third entry is a horror project from Wolf Creek writer/director Greg Mclean titled 6 Miranda Drive. This purportedly true story follows the horrifying account of a family who accidentally bring a malevolent supernatural entity home from their vacation.

Lionsgate is embarking on these micro-budgeted films because they are not star-driven, offering a low risk genre element that will attract fans and that definitely may have breakout potential. All three films are slated to go into production before the end of the year.