Warner Bros. is realizing that sometimes there isn't too much of a bloody good thing.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, they reveal that the second title in their "Raw Feed" direct-to-video series, Sublime, will be coming to DVD March 13. This film follows "a man admitted to a hospital for a routine procedure, only to discover that he's landed in a ward of horror where patients come not to get better but to die."

" Sublime is a provocative film that was made for the small screen but would have played equally well on the big screen," states Jeff Baker, senior vp theatrical catalog at Warner Home Video.

Baker says to expect "a powerful viral marketing campaign focused on the Internet."

Apparently, the performance of Rest Stop, which was Raw Feed's first direct-to-video foray, helped bolster confidence in what this upstart horror division could do.

"This success reinforces the fact that independent direct-to-video filmmaking can transcend into the mass market," Baker said.

DVD Features:

- Audio commentary by director Tony Krantz and writer Erik Jendresen

- Separate interviews with Krantz and Jendresen

- The original short Surgical Exorcism

On to other horror news...

Fangoria reports that Alvin Rakoff's 1980 horror flick Death Ship will be coming to DVD March 12. For now this title will only be available from Nucleus Films in Britain.


The tale follows cruise-ship-wreck survivors who board a vessel that actually caused their cruise ship to go down in the first place. They quickly realize "that it's an old Nazi torture vessel inhabited by murderous spirits."

DVD Features:

- Audio commentary by director Rakoff, moderated by English Gothic author Jonathan Rigby

- From Blood Star to Death Ship, an all-new featurette with Rakoff, original scripter Jack Hill and actors George Kennedy and Nick Mancuso

- Hill's original Blood Star story

- The uncensored bloody shower scene, which was darkened down in other releases

- Picture gallery with posters, stills, pressbooks and video art)

- Three theatrical trailers

- Nucleus promo reel and trailer collection

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen - 1.85:1

The British retail price is $14.99.