Playing the "bad guy" in the new comedy

In the new film, Wild Hogs, Ray Liotta plays a "bad guy" character, although this one does reform at the end. This movie follows a group of four suburban middle aged men (John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy) who want a little excitement in their lives and take off for an adventure on their Harleys. Along the way they meet a tough motorcycle gang headed by Liotta, and the docile suburbanites must face the rough bikers in a showdown.

When asked if he had to tone down his bad guy image and performance for this role in a comedy, Liotta says, "No if anything you have to make it more extreme and just commit to it. No matter what you do you have to commit to it. He [Brad Copeland] wrote a really good script." Liotta says about the plot, "This situation is so absurd so the more you commit to it the hopefully funnier it is. When you're screaming you don't like somebody because of what they're wearing it's just so silly, but in reality this is what this [character] really believes. But no. It's just more of an extreme situation."

Peter Fonda - the quintessential movie biker - makes an appearance in this film, keeping up with his tradition of appearing in motorcycle flicks. When the subject Fonda, comes up, Liotta confesses, "I had never seen 'Easy Rider' and didn't really know - obviously I knew who Peter Fonda was - but, it was interesting. It was interesting. He's a certain character. You know, it was fine." However, Liotta, even after working with Fonda on this film and hearing about his famous movie, adds, "To this day I still haven't seen [Easy Rider]."

Wild Hogs opens March 2nd and is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, and some violence.