The live action adaptation of the comic book series Razor has been picked up by Number 11 Films and Lotus Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Razor will be directed by Rob Cohen (Fast and the Furious, XXX) who also wrote the screenplay. Razor, aka Nicole Mitchell, was introduced in October of 1992 in Razor #1, which was written and created by Everett Hartsoe with a $1,200 tax return. The cult favorite was originally considered to be part of the "bad girl" genre of comics that cropped up in the 1990s.

Cohen has shared his excitement for the upcoming movie with an official statement, talking about why he chose to take the Razor story on. Here's what he had to say.

"I have loved RAZOR since its first publication. It has operatic themes, female empowerment, revenge, action, a love story, all shrouded in a delicious darkness that fits our time."

Razor will be produced by Jeff Most (The Crow), Philip Lee (The Dark KnightThe Revenant), Jim Steele (The Arrival) and Sean Lydiard (Office Uprising). Most spoke of his decision to work with Cohen and why he's the director to bring Razor from the comic book pages to the big screen. Most says this.

"Rob is one of the great visionary action directors of our time. There's no one better to deliver the visceral and resonant character of Razor and her triumphant story of becoming a dark heroine to the big screen."

Razor is said to be a "fast paced, high action concept movie" based off of the notoriously violent comic book. In the comics, Nicole Mitchell is the oldest daughter of LAPD detective Frank Mitchell who was murdered when Nicole was a child, she also believed that her sister Jacklyn was dead as well. Nicole is then placed in a mental institution for 5 years where she was introduced to even more trauma at the hands of the guards. Nicole goes on to become a vigilante at night, protecting the public from criminals and helping at-risk teens during the day. As it turns out, Jacklyn is alive and has been trained as an assassin by crime boss Roman Van Drake, the man who killed their father. Jacklyn is now known as Stryke and Drake pits the two sisters against each other, where Stryke kills Razor. Razor is brought back to life where her weapons are now built into her flesh.

The movie will be pitched to buyers at the upcoming Marché du Film. Number 11 Films' Keith Wells and Lotus Entertainment co-chairmen Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel want to produce and finance at least three movies with a budget for the movies to be between $5M to $40M. Wells spoke about the exciting prospects of debuting Razor, read what he had to say below.

"I'm excited to be announcing RAZOR as the debut project under this new venture with Lotus. I look forward to this being the first of many projects on which we collaborate in both film and television."

There is not current release date set for the film adaption of Razor, but it is definitely about time. Razor was originally set to be made in 2010 by Arclight Films and Jeff Most Productions, but it never came into fruition. Most is confident this time around and he should be. Cohen is probably the best choice to breathe new life into this cult-favorite super heroine. Someone has even created a fan poster for the movie already.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick