Hollywood was not happy with box office returns for 2014, their lowest-grossing year in recent history. Despite a handful of high-grossing hits, there were way more major misses - movies based on recycled premises and re-worked concepts that were already tired a decade or more ago, the cinematic equivalent of re-treaded tires. Those are the films The Golden Raspberry Awards have annually "saluted" since 1980.

Nominees for the 35th Annual Razzie Awards, satirizing the Worst Achievements in Film for 2014, include new names and several Repeat Offenders, returning for more pie-in-the-face/light-hearted joshing by the one Tinsel Town trophy derby no one sets out to win. And, in a new spin on the entire Razzie concept, this year launches a new category acknowledging that past nominees and "winners" can (and often do) go on to far far better things. Contenders for the inaugural Razzie Redeemer Award include Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, and Kristen Stewart.

This year's Worst Picture list features a big-grossing block-buster sequel, a muscle-headed dud, a critically drubbed remake, a reboot of a long-dead franchise, - and the film currently ranked as The Worst Movie of All Time on the IMDb's Bottom 100 list. Performers up for the $4.79 gold-spray-painted trophy are a veritable Who's Who of Hollywood Royalty.

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For this year's 10 regular Razzie categories, contenders and "winners" are determined by seeking online votes from 757 G.R.A.F. Members throughout 47 U.S. states and 19 foreign countries. For the 11th, new category, The Razzie Redeemer Award, the winner will be determined by a public vote by users at the popular movie review website RottenTomatoes.com. "Winners" in all categories will be announced on the now traditional date of "Oscar Eve", at 8pm on Saturday February 21 at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood.

The Razzies were created in 1980 as the comical counterpoint to Tinsel Town's annual glut of self-congratulatory awards by John Wilson, author of The Official Razzie Movie Guide and Everything I Know I Learned At The Movies. For more info on the awards or their history, visit The Official Razzie Website or IMDb.com, follow the Razzies on Facebook and Twitter, or visit the YouTube RazzieChannel. You can also check out the short list of Razzie finalists to see what movies didn't make the cut this year.

35th Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE®) Awards Nominees