Nothing is sacred. We learned that long ago, and you can expect most new horror movies to be a reboot or remake of some kind. Even the seemingly original looking The Woods turned out to be a Blair Witch sequel/reboot hybrid. So it should come as no shock to the system that the impending sequel Re-Animator: Evolution is actually a modern day remake. One that will stick closer to the original written works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Saying it sticks closer to the original source material has become a popular slogan amongst genre directors attempting to resurrect any long buried franchise. Though, it is kind of a slap in the face to fans who have been waiting years for a true sequel. And does it really matter to those fans that this will be held closer to the works of H.P. Lovecraft? Probably not, as Re-Animator is considered an 80s horror classic for a reason.

It was Bloody Disgusting who reached out to uncover exactly what was going on with this upcoming follow-up to the Re-Animator franchise. The original movie was released in 1985 from director Stuart Gordon, who is not involved with this new iteration. It was followed by the sequels Bride of Re-Animator in 1990 and Beyond Re-Animator in 2003, and the series even spawned a stage musical in 2011. Fans have been waiting a long time for another movie, but some may be disappointed while H.P. Lovecraft fans will surely be glad to see something honoring the late America horror author.

Re-Animator: Evolution is currently in active development. Serge Levin confirmed with Bloody Disgusting that he is directing from a screenplay he co-wrote with actor Johnathon Schaech, who also appears in the movie. He had this to say about exactly what we can expect from Re-Animator: Evolution.

"Our adaptation is a modern rendition of Herbert West, 'Reanimator' by H.P. Lovecraft. Moreover, we're making sure that the spirit and the story elements are more loyal to the original written material of H.P. Lovecraft. It's much darker, more thought provoking, and definitely more grounded in science than the first adaptation. It will be a true horror film with some neat sci-fi layers. Staying more true to the short story, we will have Major Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee, as one of the characters from the original written material. Many other story and character elements that I don't want to reveal yet...resonate with the H.P. Lovecraft's original vision."

So, as you can see, this won't be a sequel as much as it is a remake. And the project has a whole new filmmaking crew behind it. The official synopsis has been revealed. Here it is in all its glory.

"Pursued by the police, an ambitious neuroscientist uses a neutrino impulse to bring his dead wife back to life, unintentionally unlocking within her dormant powers that threaten the existence of everyone he knows."

Johnathon Schaech will play Herbert West in this new iteration of the 80s classic. The character was originally played by Jeffrey Combs in the original franchise. Serge Levin will also be appearing in the movie as West's assistant, and horror icons Lin Shaye and Brad Dourif will join in on the fun. Isle Empire Pictures will be producing this new take on the horror series.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange