Two iconic splatter classics that were pioneers in the horror genre make their way to DVD when From Beyond Unrated and The Return of the Living Dead Collector's Edition Edition arrive on September 11 from MGM Home Entertainment. Just in time for Halloween, these 80s cult classics represent some of the most dark and original content created and started a new trend in black comedy. Based on the short story of the same name by legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft, comes a science-fiction experiment gone horribly wrong in From Beyond. Starring horror legend Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) and shot by cult director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), From Beyond Unrated is available for the first time on DVD and includes all new featurettes, a photomontage and the original Director's Unrated Cut.

Writer/director Dan O'Bannon (Lifeforce) puts a hilarious spin on the zombie movie with The Return of the Living Dead. Considered one of the most bizarre yet incredibly funny horror films in its time, The Return of the Living Dead