Trick or Treat is around the corner and have we got a treat for you!

Provided below is information on upcoming Halloween related programming for Food Network, Fine Living TV Network, Sundance Channel, The Martha Stewart Show and AMC.


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Food Network:


Premieres: Saturday, October 21st at 10PM

Halloween is the one time when candy is appetizer, entrée and desert. Host Jim O'Connor discovers the trick behind making Halloween's most famous treat those tasty, three-colored kernels of candy corn.  The show also delves into more grown-up fare, including the medieval cake that was the very first Halloween treat and the tempting delights of Mexico's feast for the Day of the Dead and offers tips for a fun but healthy holiday meal.


Premieres: Sunday, October 22nd at 8PM

They're creepy and they're kooky....that's the only way to describe Emeril's Halloween Contest winners. Chef Emeril Lagasse welcomes the winners to the show and prepares their recipes.


Premieres: Saturday, October 28th at 9PM

In this one-hour special, Food Network gives viewers an all-access pass into a world typically reserved only for candy professionals. Food Network goes behind-the-scenes as candy makers from around the world turn Chicago's convention center into the sweetest eight acres in America.  It looks like Candy Land, but in reality, this is serious business.  Host George Duran (Ham on the Street) explores the latest and greatest in candy from chocolate to gummy bears, chili powder lollipops to extreme sour gum drops and gives viewers a glimpse of the sweet new treats in store for this year.


Airs: October 21st and October 22nd from 7AM-2PM

The top chefs of Food Network will share all their tips, tricks and treats from the perfect Halloween spread to a simple sampling of sweets with this two-day block of special programming.  Featuring premiere episodes from Essence of Emeril, Tyler's Ultimate, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, 30 Minute Meals, Everyday Italian, Party Line with the Hearty Boys, Boy Meets Grill and Nigella Feasts.


Airs: October 22nd-October 29th at 8PM

Emeril is serving up a week of sweets including an all new Halloween recipe contest hour.


Airs: October 28th and 29th from 2PM-4AM

Food Network celebrates the sweetest holiday of the year with an all weekend salute to sugary treats, including the premiere of the Candy Convention special at 9PM on October 28th. Also includes new episodes of Iron Chef America and Food Network Challenge.


Premieres: October 29th at 9 PM

Chocolate bridges over sugar moats...Ice cream cone towers rising from cake-filled castles...And that's just a taste of what you'll see when four confectionary architects joust for the Challenge crown and $10,000!  But sugar and chocolate aren't stable like steel and stone, so as walls crumble and sugar shatters, the clock becomes the enemy as the competitors race to bring their fairy-tale fortresses to life.



Premieres: October 29th at 10 PM

Pastry Chef and Citizen Cake owner, Elizabeth Faulkner comes to Kitchen Stadium to face-off against Iron Chef Cat Cora in one deliciously sweet battle. See if Cat Cora can hold her own against this renowned pastry chef.


Fine Living TV Network:


Premieres: October 21st at 8PM

Get a ghostly glimpse into a life of fright with FINE LIVING TV NETWORK. Our super spooky one-hour special, We Live Here - In Fear, visits some of the most haunted cities in America. You'll hear the best ghost stories ever told - and they're true!  It's a truly haunting experience!

In addition to the special, has some spooky offerings. Beginning Friday, October 13th, viewers can log onto to download the creepiest and scariest noises that are sure to frighten everyone on your block. Then the thrills continue on Monday, October 16th with an Internet version of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". Rick Dees, the man behind "America's Top 40", lends his voice to this classic which can be heard by logging onto Fine Living's Web site.




Premieres: October 22nd; airs from October 22nd-31st

AMC marks the 10th year of the annual event with the most comprehensive collection of Halloween horror ever aired on TV, showcasing more than 230 hours of non-stop movies for 10 days and 10 nights, October 22-31.  This year's MonsterFest features the definitive collection of Universal Studios' iconic monsters including Dracula, The Wolf Man and The Mummy in addition to popular contemporary franchises such as Halloween, The Exorcist and Friday the 13th.  

AMC kicks off the movie marathon on Sunday, October 22 with the original Halloween, which first introduced us to Michael Myers, at 8PM ET & PT/7PM CT.  

For a complete schedule, you can visit  


Sundance Channel:


Sundance Channel celebrates the erotic frisson of fear on Halloween with three classic 70s European sexploitation horror films by the prolific auteur Jess Franco.  All three films are new to U.S. television; all feature deliciously groovy soundtracks; and all star Franco's muse, the gorgeous, alluring and talented Soledad Miranda, (tragically killed in a 1970 auto accident). The lineup includes their greatest collaboration, the cult favorite Vampyros Lesbos, in which Miranda portrays a seductive descendent of Count Dracula.  The evening is book-ended by the U.S. television premieres of She Killed in Ecstasy, in which Miranda plays a woman slowly going mad as she seeks to avenge her husband's death; and The Devil Came from Akasava, starring Miranda as a British spy dispatched to Africa to solve a case involving a magic stone, zombies and some creepy Europeans.  


The schedule for Sundance Channel's Halloween Triple Feature of Jess Franco films is as follows:

10:00PM - She Killed In Ecstasy (U.S.  Television Premiere)

(1971) Cult exploitation auteur Jess Franco reunites with Soledad Miranda, the dark-haired leading lady of Vampyros Lesbos and The Devil Came from Akasava, for a tale of obsession and revenge. Miranda plays the widow of a research scientist (Frank Williams) whose controversial experiments were condemned by a medical board. Now, using her talents for seduction, she aims to settle the score. (Franco plays one of the doomed doctors.) Vintage Eurocult, complete with an acid-rock score, groovy décor and liberal use of the zoom lens.

11:30PM - Vampyros Lesbos

(1971) Take a trip back into the psychedelic era of European exploitation cinema with this rediscovered cult favorite by prolific Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco. Soledad Miranda stars as a mysterious lesbian countess and nightclub performer who tries to seduce a tortured young woman (Ewa Strömberg), whose dreams have been haunted by erotic images. Franco's soft-core gender-bending retelling of Bram Stoker's Dracula features a celebrated sitar-heavy jazz-rock score, which Quentin Tarantino quoted from three decades later in Jackie Brown.

1:00AM - The Devil Came From Akasava (U.S.  Television Premiere

(1971) Spies! Avant-garde jazz strip clubs! Zombies! Eurocult filmmaker Jess Franco and star Soledad Miranda's final collaboration was this espionage thriller, in which Miranda plays a British secret agent investigating the existence of a stone that transmutes common metals into gold and turns men into zombies. The trail brings her to the African nation of Akasava, where she takes the logical undercover job: toiling as an exotic dancer at a groovy nightclub featuring '60s lounge music. Ewa Strömberg (VAMPIROS LESBOS) costars.

The Martha Stewart Show:  

Halloween is always a special event on The Martha Stewart Show (nationally syndicated, check local listings).  Tune in to see what kind of a fright fest Martha conjures up for her viewers.