Clark Kent and the original Superman theme from John Williams are included in the latest sneak peek at Ready Player One. An extended preview has arrived online, revealing more new footage from the upcoming adaptation of Ernest Cline's beloved novel. Steven Spielberg's movie arrives in just a few weeks and Warner Bros. is starting to kick up the marketing campaign. This latest spot doesn't give much away in terms of plot points, but it reveals quite a bit of new eye candy, including new shots of the Jurassic Park T-Rex and other recognizable pieces of pop culture that exist in the movie's virtual world.

This isn't quite a full-length trailer, but it's a minute's worth of mostly new footage from Ready Player One. This spot really focuses on the possibilities that exist in the movie's virtual reality world. Want to climb Mount Everest with Batman? Done. Want to be a beautiful woman instead of a man? You got it. Everything is possible in this world, which could make for some very unique visual storytelling. But can this movie be more than just a visual delight and a nostalgia festival? Let's hope so. It's also interesting that we get to see our hero Wade step outside of the Oasis, where life slows to a crawl. Boring. Let's jump back into the game. Who needs beauty and nature and worst of all...Reality! Not me, whee!

Ready Player One takes place in the year 2045, where a massive wealth gap makes it so that the only escape for most people is a virtual reality simulation called the Oasis. The virtual world was created by James Halliday, who has recently died. But the influential figure left behind a final game for his millions of Oasis users, with the one who solves his series of pop-culture quests winning control of the Oasis and the company that runs it. The Oasis will be threatened if the corporate IOI organization takes it over. The company is trying desperately to win Halliday's game and find his final Easter egg. Wade Watts and some of this fellow treasure-seekers find themselves in a race with the rest of the world to protect it, uncovering clues in a game that will decide ownership of the Oasis.

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Steven Spielberg has made some of the greatest blockbuster movies ever, including Jurassic Park, Jaws and E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. But it's been a while since we've seen him make a movie like this, which is pretty exciting on its own. Couple that with the source material he's given to work with in the novel and this could wind up being one of the early surprises in 2018. On the other hand, if the movie can't quite capture the magic of the novel, Ready Player One could serve as a massive disappointment.

Ready Player One arrives in theaters on March 30. There's not a lot of direct competition in its way, but it's still not looking good for the adaptation at the box office. Currently, the movie is set to make around $35 million on its opening weekend, which isn't what a studio typically hopes for from a blockbuster such as this. Especially with Steven Spielberg's name on it. Those recent 80s movie homage posters didn't help anything, as fans trashed them online. Maybe if the early reviews come back super positive that will help give it a little (or big) boost. Be sure to check out the new footage, courtesy of the Ready Player One Twitter account, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott