The leaderboard from Ready Player One is about to become a real-life $250,000 cash prize this Wednesday when Warner Bros. teams up with the massively popular HQ Trivia. Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One hits theaters this week and the studio is about to break new promotional ground by pairing with HQ Trivia, which consistently sees over a million people signed on at the same time to win cash prizes daily. It's definitely smart for both parties involved, but one can imagine that it might trickle down to fans who are well versed in the Easter Eggs from Ernest Cline's novel.

The Ready Player One Twitter account announced the event on Sunday evening. The short clip features footage from the movie and promotes the HQ Trivia night, which will take place this coming Wednesday, March 28th, at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific. The post also promotes the release of Ready Player One also coming to theaters this Wednesday. It seems logical that the game will more than likely center on pop culture from the 1980s and 1990s for the special pairing. The idea is really smart marketing for Ready Player One and the obsession of Easter Eggs.

HQ Trivia started as an IOS app in August of 2017 and quickly became a worldwide sensation. The app was later released for Android in late December of last year, which saw the numbers of people logged in everyday exceed 1 million people, twice a day during the week and once a day on the weekends. The game doesn't cost anything to play and pays out $5,000 as a prize currently. The host, usually Scott Rogowsky, asks 12 questions that start off incredibly easy and get extremely difficult by the end.

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$250,000 will be the highest cash prize in the history of HQ Trivia, which is being sponsored by Warner Bros., the studio behind Ready Player One. The previous record for highest prize will take place tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern with a sponsorship from Nike at $100,000. Before that, the highest prize had been $50,000. Ready Player One will more than likely see some unprecedented numbers on the HQ Trivia app this coming Wednesday, resulting in some excellent promotion for the movie and a good time for fans of the movie and the trivia app.

Ready Player One will officially debut in theaters this Wednesday, March 28th, which is the same day of the HQ Trivia tie in contest. If you haven't done so already, the HQ Trivia app is available in the Apple App store for free as well as Android users. For those who have never played, make sure you're on Wi-Fi and expect some server issues when millions of people all try and login at the same time. The Ready Player One and HQ Trivia night takes place this Wednesday night. Check out the Ready Player One Twitter account for more information.

Kevin Burwick