With his hit sci-fi film Interstellar still performing well in theaters, taking in nearly $550 million worldwide, many fans are wondering what Christopher Nolan will do next. While this is far from set in stone, The Tracking Board reports that Warner Bros. has made an offer for the filmmaker to direct their sci-fi adaptation Ready Player One. There is no word on whether or not the director plans on accepting the studio's offer.

We first reported on the project back in June 2010, when the novel by Fanboys screenwriter Ernest Cline was picked up by Warner Bros. in a heated bidding war, shortly after Random House secured the publication rights. The story follows a teenager named Wade Watts, who becomes immersed in a virtual reality world known as Oasis that enables users to live out their dream lives. When the game's creator suddenly dies, Wade enters an elaborate treasure hunt, where the winner will take control of the entire company. The teenager finds himself up against corporate entities who will do anything to take over the company.

Zak Penn (Marvel's The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk) wrote the adapted screenplay, with the writer revealing last month that the script is completed. But there may be rights issues due to the several references to classic video games and movies in both the book and the script. If Christopher Nolan does in fact sign on, it will be the first project he has ever directed that he didn't at least co-write first. Of course, he may end up taking a crack at the script himself if he comes aboard, but we're not quite sure that's happening quite yet.

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