We finally have our first look at Simon Pegg in Ready Player One. We've seen several trailers and quite a bit of footage from the adaptation of Ernest Cline's beloved sci-fi novel that hinges heavily on 80s nostalgia. Yet, in all of this marketing, we haven't seen Pegg's character Ogden Morrow, who plays a key role in the book and looks to be just as key in Steven Spielberg's movie adaptation. Now, thanks to a newly released photo, we finally get a glimpse of what Pegg is going to bring to the table in Ready Player One.

The new Ready Player One photo was released via Empire Magazine and features Simon Pegg as Ogden Morrow, alongside his partner and Oasis creator James Halliday, played by Oscar-winner Mark Rylance. Given that Halliday is dead in Ready Player One, it looks like the scene from this photo will be a flashback. So we still haven't really seen Pegg as he'll appear in the main storyline of the movie. In any case, this particular photo definitely has some early Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak vibes to it, which seems appropriate.

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Another new photo was released that features director Steven Spielberg working with Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Nolan Sorrento, the main villain in Ready Player One. This one is perhaps less revealing, but it does show just how well-prepared and well-equipped Sorrento is, with all of the fancy tech surrounding him in the photo. It's also hard to complain any time you get to see Spielberg doing what he does best.

Ready Player One takes place in the year 2045. A massive wealth gap makes it so that the only escape for most people is a virtual reality simulation called the Oasis, created by James Halliday, who has recently died. Halliday left behind a final game for his millions of Oasis users: Whoever solves his series of pop-culture quests will win control of the Oasis and the company that runs it. The Oasis will be threatened if the corporate IOI organization takes it over. The company is trying desperately to win Halliday's game and find his final Easter egg. Wade Watts and some of this fellow treasure-seekers find themselves in a race with the rest of the world to protect it, uncovering clues in a game that will decide ownership of the Oasis.

Warner Bros. is releasing Ready Player One in theaters on March 30. This movie has the burden of expectation placed upon it. Not only does it represent a return to blockbuster filmmaking for Steven Spielberg, which means it's going to have to deliver at the box office and live up to some of his previous works, but it also has to live up to the source material it's based on. It's clear that the movie is going to be taking a lot of liberty with the novel, but let's just hope that it still captures what people love about Ready Player One. Be sure to check out the new photos, courtesy of Empire, for yourself below.