Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller reveals that his character in the upcoming Ready Player One movie is pretty much Boba Fett. The Steven Spielberg helmed project has been in production since April of 2016 and was originally supposed to have a release date of December 15th 2017, but it was later announced that the movie would be pushed back to avoid competition with The Last Jedi. Ready Player One is based off of the New York Times bestseller science fiction book by Ernest Cline and will be Steven Spielberg's first partnership with Warner Bros. since 2001's A.I.. Not much is known about the movie besides the cast, but we do know that T.J. Miller will be playing a character that was invented for the movie and that said character is a big Star Wars fan.

Miller sat down with Fandango to promote his upcoming Emoji movie and they also asked him about Ready Player One. Miller told Fandango that his character i-Rok has an obsession with Boba Fett from The Empire Strikes Back. Miller also points out that a lot of Star Wars fans, himself included, believe that Boba Fett is one of the coolest characters from the franchise. Read what Miller had to say below.

"My character in the movie wants to be Boba Fett. Like that's his hero, his idol, which isn't far off for many Star Wars fans, myself included."

Miller also shared that his character i-Rok was not in the original book and will be the only new character added to the big screen adaptation. Miller then went on to describe i-Rok and his role within Ready Player One. Miller says this.

"I play i-R0k and basically I am a funny, or at least mildly amusing, Boba Fett. In the OASIS, I am a better player than Aech or Daito or any of those guys. I am sort of unequivocally the best bounty hunter, but I work freelance. While all the Sixers work for IOI and Sorrento, he has to commission me and I get an incredibly high fee to either find people and kill them or make them starve in the game."

This is big news for fans of the book who might not take too kindly to a change as big as adding a completely new character into the Ready Player One universe. Nevertheless, T.J. Miller's character sounds intriguing and will definitely add an additional layer of humor.

Ready Player One takes place in the OASIS, which is a virtual reality internet where anything is possible and people live out their wildest fantasies as avatars. Aech and Daito are gunters (players who study pop culture from the 80s) that search for the Halliday's Easter egg, which is the main story. The gunters often fight with the Sixers, another group hired by 1O1 to find the Easter egg for corporate gain, lead by the character Sorrento.

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Ready Player One opens on March 30th, 2018 and already has a huge hype attached to it. It's always a tough hurdle to get over when you're adapting a book that is so revered, especially when there are going to be big changes from the book. Regardless, this is a very interesting news development for Ready Player One and hopefully a teaser drops soon so we can get a look at Steven Spielberg's vision and i-Rok.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick