The Ready Player Two first reactions are in. Ernest Cline released the long-awaited sequel to his 2011 novel earlier this week, and fans are devouring it as they hunt for their own Easter Eggs. However, is the book good enough to warrant Ready Player Two on the big screen? As is the case with all reviews, some readers will agree and some will disagree, but the general consensus seems to be that Cline made a few missteps this time around. There are SPOILERS for Ready Player Two below.

A fan of Ready Player One took to social media to post some excerpts from the new book. As may social media users have pointed out, Ready Player Two is remarkably similar to the first book since Wade once again goes on one of James Halliday's Easter Egg hunts. "I genuinely thought you've made this up to goof on this book, but this is actual content? Wtf," states one Ernest Cline fan, which seems to be a sentiment echoed by a lot of fans on social media at the moment.

There is a pretty heated backlash to Ready Player Two happening at the moment. After reading through the excerpts, a lot of people cannot believe that they're from the real book that Ernest Cline wrote. More than one fan of the author believes that the book was purely written to ensure that big screen sequel was made, especially with even more pop culture references than the first book. "Wait. This is a joke, right? Please tell me you made all these screen grabs up, because I'm genuinely falling for it."

The Ready Player Two story isn't the only thing that is getting blasted on social media. "I've agonized for weeks if I didn't feel something I wrote was up to snuff. This is an author who is not only published, he is so widely read that f***ing Spielberg adapted his book, and he is just saying names of things," said one dissatisfied reader. Some Ernest Cline fans have jumped into conspiracies, choosing to believe that the long-awaited book was actually ghost written by a Reddit community.

Ernest Cline wrote Ready Player Two, not some social media ghost writers. As is the case with just about anything, some people are going to love what Cline has done and they are going to look forward to seeing the sequel on the big screen. Others are going to hate the book and hope that it never makes it into theaters. With reactions like the ones mentioned above, the idea of a sequel might not be in the cards. Fans of the first book were left unhappy with what Steven Spielberg pulled off for the adaptation, so it will be interesting to see if the sequel happens or not. Ready Player Two can be purchased over at Penguin Random House. The tweets above and below do feature actual elements from the story, so consider yourself warned.