NBC is moving forward on a small screen reboot of the 1985 cult comedy classic Real Genius, turning it into a single-camera sitcom.

Workaholics co-executive producer Craig DiGregorio is co-writing and executive producing the pilot episode alongside Parks and Recreation's David King.

The Real Genius TV Show has received a script commitment, and is being produced through Adam Sandler's Happy Madison banner and Sony TV.

The series will be a present-day reboot of the movie, set as a workplace comedy. The story will follow the relationship between a rock star-like genius, who was originally played by Val Kilmer, and one of his sheltered, very naive co-workers. Martha Coolidge directed the original, which opened in August of 1985 and grossed $13 million, before becoming a mainstay on VHS during the home video boom of the mid-80s.

Now the next question is, will Val Kilmer return in some capacity?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange