The world has been going through a very strange time so far this year, but it is so often at these times, when you did not think things could get any more bizarre, that they do. Well, as if we were not facing enough challenges already, it seems that one of Marvel Comics' most notorious villains/anti-heroes has decided to rear his black, gooey head. That's right, according to a video that is currently trending on social media, Venom is here.

The peculiar video in question shows what looks at first to simply be an innocuous black sludge sitting atop a rock, but as the camera gets closer, you begin to notice something that will make your skin crawl and your inner comic book fan squeal - the sludge is moving. Scraping at the black goop with a knife, it certainly does look like it has a mind of its own, as it no doubt begins to seek out the perfect host to bond with. It is going to be really disappointed to find out that Peter Parker is fictional.

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Once social media clapped its eyes on the video, Venom fans could not help but have some fun with it.

""April couldn't possibly get worse *F***ing. Venom*."

Many fans have requested that Science Twitter chime in with an explanation as to what the creature in the video actually is, with one clever Marvel fan latching on to the scientific approach and running with it.

"That is called pneumanatic singila symbiotic group. Basically you normally see them that size but sometimes they join eachother to make bigger ones. They are very rare to find. They have been known to cover at least 2-3 making them go psycho, hear things, and get controlled."

Asked whether they are safe to touch, they concluded their explanation with a warning that Peter Parker could have used.

"Depends, there's a very slight chance the outcome will be good. It might feel good but in reality it's controlling you and you don't even notice."

So, what actually is it? Well, there are some who have questioned whether this is a marketing ploy by Sony Pictures in an attempt to get Venom 2 trending, whilst others have said that is, in fact, some kind of worm. Frankly, those people are spoilsports, as it is clearly nothing less than a symbiote from the planet Klyntar, here to find the perfect host, giving them the wonderful gift of superpowers, as well as the slightly less wonderful psychopathic tendencies that usually come from having an alien being invade your mind.

Just in case it isn't that, you can live out your dreams of bonding with a gooey extraterrestrial when Tom Hardy returns in comic book flick Venom 2 which is due to hit the big screen in October this year. That is if we haven't been invaded by alien symbiotes, of course. This comes to us courtesy of @sunnyarkade.