RealD, the world's leading 3D technology provider for cinema and professional applications, announced today that Ubisoft, in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox Licensing), has licensed and integrated the company's proprietary stereoscopic RealD Format into James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. The RealD Format allows for a seamless direct connection between the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system or PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system and 3D-enabled TVs with integrated RealD technology for an unsurpassed 3D gaming experience.

"RealD technology is proven for delivering some of the highest quality 3D images in cinema and professional uses," stated Patrick Naud, Executive Producer on James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, at Ubisoft Montreal. "The RealD Format gives us the advantage of RealD's decades of 3D experience and immediate compatibility between gaming consoles and 3D TVs."

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"The RealD Format will make James Cameron's Avatar: The Game one of the first titles to effortlessly work with the numerous lines of RealD 3D-enabled TVs that will soon be on the market," said Joshua Greer, president of RealD. "Like the current 3D film revolution, RealD technology is pioneering a new generation of immersive gaming where players can step inside a game and experience a world that literally surrounds them."

The RealD Format delivers an automated continuous approach to 3D that is compatible with real-time rendering and promises to bring RealD's world renowned 3D cinema experience to console gaming. A visually lossless universal 3D format, the technology multiplexes a left/right stereoscopic image stream into a single image channel.