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McFarlane toys announced Monday the inner workings of their new line of award winning Movie Maniacs action figures! Known for their incredible detail, the maniacs line (coming this fall) features: Legend's Lord of Darkness, an Alien vs Predator boxed set, Jason X, The Tooth Fairy (from the upcoming film of the same name) an 18 inch Edward Scissorhands and last but definitely definitely definitely not least: Terminator 2's Sarah Connor, an 18 inch Arnold Schwarsgjteiwghsa and a Terminator Endoskeleton!

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Wait! There's more! McFarlane also announced ultra-violent reimaginings of classic horror movie icons, such as The Mummy, Dracula, The Werewolf, Frankenstein, The Voodoo Queen and The Sea Creature! Pushing the movie-related 2002 collection even further are abstract creations by Alien art designer H.R. Giger, in the conveniently titled H. R. Giger line. CLICK HERE

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Finally, feeding on Lights Out Entertainment's love for gore, comes McFarlane and Clive Barkers Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen! Examples of what will be in Barkers new horror movie franchise (and a trip to hell), these figures prove to be 8 inch plastic representations of a really messed up imagination. CLICK HERE

Next week: Horror movie Barbies! ~Steve

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