If you're looking for a legal way to copy DVD's without that pesky illegality thing hanging over your head, RealNetworks may have the solution. According to The Hollywood Reporter, RealNetworks is set to unveil RealDVD, which will legally enable you to copy a DVD to your PC for storage and future viewing.

"There are a bunch of illegal DVD rippers out there," said Jeff Chasen, VP of RealNetworks. "We are one of the first mainstream PC applications that do this in a legal framework.."

The company will be demonstating the new technology at DEMOfall 08 in San Diego today. One of the hurdles still in place for the software is licensing deals with the Hollywood studios.

The software will allow users to copy a DVD to their PC's hard drive with the CSS encryption software still intact, which most other software programs don't feature. Once on the hard drive, the program locks in and re-encrypts the file to prevent file-sharing. The program will also download the DVD's cover art and other film information to the hard drive.

The software will retail at $49.99 SRP, but will be set with a launch price of $29.99 SRP. A launch date hasn't been released as of yet.