When a lawyer gets involved in a fatal accident, he becomes compelled to set an innocent man free at the expense of his own career in our exclusive deleted scene from Reasonable Doubt. Dominic Cooper stars as district attorney Mitch Brockden, whose life unravels after he flees the scene of a fatal accident. When Clifton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson) is found with the body, he is charged with murder, causing Mitch to throw his own case against Clifton to try and clear his conscience, although this man may not be as innocent as he thinks. Check out this scene that wasn't shown during its theatrical run, which features Samuel L. Jackson and Gloria Reuben and shows how Mitch starts stacking the deck against himself in court.

Hotshot district attorney Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) is involved in a fatal hit-and-run, but Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson) is found with the body and charged with murder. Believing that Davis is innocent, Brockden is compelled to throw the trial. Soon after, Brockden's perfect life begins to unravel as he realizes that the man he set free is hiding a secret that will destroy him.

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