The Good

A light hearted show that has a solid, old school sitcom style.

The Bad

No Special Features.

Reba: Season 4 follows Reba s her best to keep order in her home. Whether she's helping her friends with their marriages, moving Cheyenne and Van past their most recent problem, or just generally encouraging Kyra on her path to womanhood, Reba is the glue that holds this show and her family together. However, due to the situations in the show, the sitcom is about Reba but it's not about Reba. We get to see everyone else's lives and problems, and through that we come to understand a lot about the Reba character. While this show seems like it's put across as light entertainment, Reba, more than any other sitcom on the air reminded me of some of the great shows I have grown up with.

Filled with 22 episodes and clocking in at 484 minutes, Reba: Season 4 is the kind of show that will always work and always be memorable.


No Extras came with this three disc set.


Full Frame - 1.33:1. I was actually surprised that this show was darker than it was. The image didn't seem as bright as I am used to it being on sitcom DVDs. Also, the episodes in this set were created during this century so none of it really makes sense. It isn't like these shows are in darkness, I could see what was going on, I just didn't expect things to not be as "exposed" as I am used to them being.


Dolby Digital. English and Spanish Stereo. Close Captioned. Subtitled in English and Spanish. The audio on this show was good, although once I switched the DVDs off, I realized that the audio on the TV (when it played from a channel) was up a lot louder than normal. In my opinion, as long as I can hear what the people are saying, and I haven't had to come close to maxing out my volume control, the discs have pretty decent audio.


Reba takes center stage on this front cover which is a mix of pink and purple. Behind her are Brock and Barbara Jean. The back cover has some shots from the show in which other characters are showcased, there is a tiny description, and some technical specs. The three discs in this set are housed in two slim cases which have the same front cover as the slipcase proper. The backs of the cases list out the episodes and also offer up descriptions as well. Once again, Fox gets props for keeping things economical.

Final Word

This is one of those shows that is in it's fifth season, it will probably be in syndication for a very long time, but I never knew anything about Reba until I interviewed Steve Howie for the Supercross DVD. Then when I got the chance to check out Reba: Season 4, I figured what the heck, I already own so much TV on DVD, what could it hurt?

And it turns out I am really glad that I did. Reba: Season 4 was an enjoyable show, filled with memorable characters, and even though I came to it late, I found it very easy to get into.