Lost's Rebecca Mader has signed on for NALA Films' coming-of-age romantic comedy Ceremony and the Antonio Banderas noir mystery The Big Bang, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ceremony, directed by Max Winkler from his own script, follows a young man (Michael Angarano) and his best friend who crash the wedding of a thirysomething woman (Uma Thurman) with whom the young man is infatuated.

Mader plays a married member of Thurman's wedding party who makes overtures toward Angarano.

The movie is shooting in New York.

Mader then segues to The Big Bang, which stars Banderas as a private detective searching for a former stripper who is supposed to exist but no one has ever seen in a mystery connected to a particle collider. She plays a meth addict who works at a medical center pretending to have different diseases for interns to react to.

Jendresen wrote the script, and Krantz is directing the pic, which will shoot in Spokane, Wash.