The Los Angeles Times ran a /red-dawn-villains-are-now-north-korean/story earlier in the week which revealed that the long-shelved MGM remake/reboot Red Dawn was being digitally altered to change the invading enemy force from Chinese to North Korean. Of course, a lot of fans and film pundits balked, calling this a "chicken shit" move. The altering of the adventure film, which sees a group of teens defending themselves against a militant takeover, is being done to make the movie more appealing to potential distributors, and to not disrupt our country's current alliance with the Chinese governemnet.

The digital altering of Red Dawn is ripe for discussion and debate. Today, Red Dawn producer Tripp Vinson has issued a statement via email addressing this very concern, saying that the decision to make the villains hail from North Korea is only going to make the thriller scarier and timelier. And perhaps even stronger.

Here is what Tripp Vinson had to say.

"I know there is a lot of interest and questions as to the changes announced regarding Red Dawn.

This movie has been rebooted because the filmmakers all love the original movie. The experience of seeing Red Dawn as a young boy in the middle of a Cold War, was life changing for me and a generation. I assure you that everyone involved with the reboot is keenly aware of the responsibility of delivering a movie that can stand eye to eye with the original.

The changes made to Red Dawn in the last few weeks were made in consultation with military think tanks and people that specialize in game theory. Really smart people that spend their days constructing doomsday scenarios for our military and government. The type of people that know the limitations of the North Korean military. The type of people that can project a series of events that could lead to some very scary things happening to our Country. I can assure you, we listened well to those people, especially with regards to the capability of the North Korean military.

Red Dawn isn't for everyone. So, if you are interested in seeing a movie filled with preachy political discussions - Red Dawn ain't for you. If you love movies in which Americans are the bad guys - Red Dawn ain't for you. If you get emotional watching daytime television - Red Dawn ain't for you. If you're a vegetarian - Red Dawn probably ain't for you.

But! If you like meat with your potatoes, muscle cars that roar, tanks, guns and things blowing the fuck up by American's kicking some Commie ass - then we have something special coming your way.


Tripp Vinson"

Hmm? He doesn't really address the enemy changes at all. Do you think this is the right choice? Comment below.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange