Open Road Films has released two new photos from Red Dawn, director Dan Bradley's remake of the 1980s classic. Young stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and Josh Peck are seen preparing for the invading North Korean soldiers in these new shots for the upcoming remake. Check out the photos, and read on to see what the actors had to say about working with each other.

Red Dawn
Red Dawn Photo #2

Josh Hutcherson joked about his co-star Chris Hemsworth's superhero alter-ego as Thor.

"Well, we are fighting an entire army, so that definitely stacks the odds against us. But it does help to have a superhero on your side."

This remake was shot back in 2009, before Josh Hutcherson booked The Hunger Games, and right around the same time Chris Hemsworth was in training for Thor. Josh Peck spoke about their rise to fame.

"And their careers have blown up. It's pretty dope to see what's happened to Josh and Chris over the last three years."