You can bring home the 2002 origin story of Hannibal Lecter home in high-definition in October. Red Dragon will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on October 12. We don't have any pricing details or cover art images as of yet, but you can take a look at the special features below. The film stars Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson and Anthony Hopkins as the legendary Hannibal Lecter.

Will Graham (Edward Norton) is just about to retire from the F.B.I. when he is called back into duty to track down a brutal killer known at the Tooth Fairy. The killer, Francis Dollarhyde (Ralph Fiennes), detests the title given to him and would rather use the title that he thinks of himself as: the Red Dragon. Now, Dollarhyde has set his eyes on a young woman named Reba (Emily Watson) and Graham will do anything to stop him from killing her. But for him to do that, there's just one thing that he needs to do that he has never wanted to do ever again: visit his arch-enemy, the cunning Dr. Hannibal The Cannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), who has been giving the Red Dragon some information about Graham's family recently.

Special Features:

  • Lecter's FBI File and Life History
  • - Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer Hosted by John Douglas
  • - Anthony Hopkins: Lecter and Me
  • - The Making of Red Dragon
  • - Feature Commentary with Director Brett Ratner and Writer Ted Tally
  • - Music Score Commentary with Composer Danny Elfman
  • - Additional Scenes
  • - Brett Ratner's Student Film
  • - Visual Effects
  • - Screen and Film Tests
  • - The Burning Wheelchair
  • - The Leeds' House Crime Scene
  • - Storyboards to Final Feature