Edward Norton had some time off from the set of Red Dragon, while the crew finished up scenes with Anthony "call me Tony" Hopkins. Hopkins finished up his work as the menacing Hannibal Lecter about a week ago. Hopkins worked a total of three weeks on the film. A few scenes with Lecter took place in the cell from the film The Silence of the Lambs, which Oscar winning Production Designer Kristi Zea (who also did Silence), faithfully reproduced on one of the stages at Universal. A few changes were added which have to do with several new plot points.

The film is about midway thru production with the remainder having to do with Ed Norton's character Will Graham's pursuit of Frances Dollarhyde (played by Ralph Fiennes). The company has several more weeks to shoot in L.A. before going off to Baltimore and Florida. Word is Ed Norton's behavior on set was strictly professional while in the presence of Anthony Hopkins, but now that Sir Anthony is off to his next gig, the real question is: Will Norton and director Brett Ratner get back to their shouting matches and stand-off's? We'll keep you posted.

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Jackie Chan: Chan will be in Culver City shooting some additional photography for his film The Tuxedo. The set is described as being a large machine of some sort in a set of underground tunnels.

Mike Myers: It seems Mike Myers and Imagine Entertainment have let bygones be bygones over their deal on the feature version of Myers SNL character Dieter. Myers has instead signed on to play the whimsical Cat in the Hat for Universal and Imagine. Based on the famous childrens book by Dr. Seuss, the project had originally been geared up with Tim Allen as the Cat. The deal was shelved for a bit, but with the runaway success of The Grinch for Uni & Imagine, the project is up and running again.

Cheadle: Actor Don Cheadle may have another project to direct before he tries his hand at directing Elmore Leonards' Tishomingo Blues. Milo Addica, an Oscar nominee for his script Monster's Ball, has signed on to write a screenplay for Section Eight. Section Eight, run by Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney have a number of projects either shooting or prepping. This project, a revenge thriller from an idea by Soderbergh, is about a man who takes the fall for a crime and, upon his release from prison, seeks revenge on those who framed him. Section Eight has offered the project to Cheadle, though it's not known if Cheadle would also take a role in the film.

Thanks to: The Hollywood Reporter

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