The Good

The Bad

In Red Dwarf VI these lovable lads return with some very interesting changes. The biggest one being the jettisoning of the actual Red Dwarf w a show named after a ship in the show can continue without the ship itself is beyond me, but I am sure that for the shows creators the changes were not seen as something that would altar the show, but actually open it up. Whereas most shows would try and keep things running in some semblance of a linear order, Red Dwarf VI seems bent on going out of it’s way not to do this. This show seems to love the way it can be anything it wants. It seems to really look forward to creating situations which are completely absurd, yet the characters always deal with them head on. While there is a certain degree of campiness to all of this, there is always a knowledge of the situation and certain specifics that always keep a viewer engaged.


Cast Commentary and Fan Commentary on “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”

More of the cast having a good time looking at the fun an laughs that they had a direct hand in creating. I like how these people don’t seem to take anything seriously. It’s as if they see these commentary tracks as a way to get together and have a good time, and if there are any hard feelings they sure are not on display here. These people seem to genuinely like one another. As for the fans, the fans are what you might typically expect, people who have been assembled to talk about something they really like. What’s that old saying, fan is short for fanatic?

“The Starbuggers” documentary, Howard Goodall: Settling the Score, “Sick” Featurette, the “Return to Laredo” Featurette, Behind the Scenes Footage and interview with Director Andy de Emmony

The Starbuggers documentary is basically the cast and crew who created the show talking about the show episode by episode. It’s interesting but after awhile I personally get tired of hearing people talk about all these things. It just gets to be a little much for me. While I do think these things are well put together and they give a lot of insight, after a while it seems a tad repetitive. In fact, a lot of the behind the scenes stuff on this DVD just seemed a bit much over time. Granted, I went through it back to back but I am not sure if watching each segment daily would have made a difference. I did like hearing from Andy de Emmony and I found the “Return to Laredo” sketch to be funny and well done. Amidst all of these extras you really do get a lot of insights into the actors and creators mindsets, what they bring the material, that I really like.

Deleted Scenes and Smeg Ups

In keeping with the Red Dwarf spirit that has come into my life click HERE to find out my thoughts and feelings about these extra features.

Trailers, Raw FX Footage, Isolated Music Cues, “Dave Hollins” Radio Sketch, Photo Gallery, Weblink, 12-page Collector’s Booklet and Easter Eggs

Man, they just fill up these disks. I really am beside myself with all the extras they choose to include, because these things aren’t just casually done and pieced together. I tend to think that the minute the pre-pre-pre-production starts, the DVDs creators are already salivating at the supplemental materials that will be including on the DVD itself. As I said, nothing just seems thrown on here. It really feels like these DVDs are crafted from the beginning to take you beyond the experience of what you view when you initially watch the show on TV.


Full Frame. The FX and look of this show are what essentially make it. Rather then try and get away with great looking FX shots, the creators seem to know what they were working with, and since it doesn’t seem like much, they made it work for them. As I have stated, there is enough obvious knowledge(the people acting and the creators seem very sharp) so that while things may look a little “hinky”, at the end of each episode you are sad that it has passed because you so enjoy what you have been watching.


Again, what type of audio this is isn’t listed here but I found no apparent audio problems with any of the stuff I was watching. I listened closely, even watching certain parts of the “Legion” episode with the subtitles on but I couldn’t find anything to complain about. The writing on this show is so clever, so quick witted and I really appreciate how it doesn’t go out of it’s way to be too topical. The best kind of comedy is comedy that is funny without trying to be funny or more importantly, knowing that it’s funny. Red Dwarf VI is filled with all of that.


Again, a great packaging job. These people are totally subservient to their fanbase, it seems. The cover features more character’s from the show, and the back features some pictures as well. There is a small description of the show and then it goes into the bevy of extras that accompany this 2 disk set. I get a DVD like this to review and I feel bad, mainly because I wish that I was a bigger fan. I wish I could appreciate this stuff more. Sadly, I can’t mainly because I feel that I came in too late on this show. The 12-page Collector’s booklet really helps you move through the disks, and I really enjoy the way it is written even if I am not 100% sure that I am in on the joke.

Final Word

In my humble, “johnny come lately opinion” Red Dwarf VI was just as good as Red Dwarf V. At least I am admitting my new school credentials and not trying to come off as some kind of an authority on this stuff, right?

Truthfully, I didn’t notice too much of a difference. I don’t really know what’s good or bad as I haven’t followed the show at all really. To me it all seems the same. Now, had I been there from the beginning, when this show first started airing, I am sure that I would have much stronger opinions and be able to give you a more solid critique of this sixth season. As it stands now, I am giving you the best I’ve got. I really did enjoy this show. I think the acting, writing and everything else is superb. I am not surprised that there was almost a US version of this show, but at the end of the day, I think the strictures of what the TV audience in the US will bear would have ultimately(or may have been) too much for this show to handle.

I am not one yet but if I see anymore episodes, I think I am bound to become a bona fide Red Dwarfian.