Nearly five years after the film was shot, the first trailer has been released for Red Knot. Olivia Thirlby (Dredd 3D) and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) star in this drama about a couple who rediscover themselves while sailing abroad.

Set on a research vessel en route to the icy wastes of Antarctica, Peter Harrison (Vincent Kartheiser) is a writer sharing his dream of going to the ends of the earth with his wife (Olivia Thirlby ). The confines of the ship and the wide open spaces of the southern ocean set the stage for an unraveling marriage encountering their first rite of passage as a couple. Red Knot is a narrative feature film that invites a broader conversation around themes that are at once universal and personal: our closest relationships and the wilderness that lies between us.

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Scott Cohen, Red Knot co-stars Billy Campbell, Lisa Harrow, Roger Payne and Larry Pine, debuting in New York City December 5. Full of passion and drama, this thought provoking drama is sure to please any true romantics at heart. Check out the first footage below before heading out to this interesting study in human behavior.