Dwayne Johnson has shared a new look behind the scenes of his latest movie Red Notice. The Rock has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world and is taking his talents to Netflix for this new project, which reteams him with Skyscraper director Rawson Thurber. In a new photo shared by Johnson, the actor is looking rather dapper, which gives us an idea of what to expect when this action flick arrives.

Taking to Instagram, Dwayne Johnson shared the image, which sees him in a tuxedo with a very serious look on his face as crewmembers surround him. Little is known, in terms of specifics, about Red Notice, but it's an original movie that Netflix is shelling out an awful lot of money to produce. It will, it would seem, call for some of the cast members to get dressed to the nines. In his caption, Johnson said the following.

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"Seconds away from Rawson Thurber yelling 'action,' in the zone and surrounded by our hard working, talented crew. Red Notice. A globetrotting film about the world's most wanted art thief, an FBI profiler and the greatest conman the world has ever known. Coming to Netflix"

The Netflix movie began filming last month, with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) set to star alongside Dwayne Johnson. One would assume Johnson, Gadot and Reynolds will be playing the thief, FBI agent and conman, but that has yet to be confirmed. Originally, the project was subject to quite the bidding war between several studios, with Universal Pictures coming out on top. They had committed to paying Johnson $20 million up front, in addition to Rawson Thurber's hefty fee to write and direct. For reasons that aren't completely clear, Universal opted not to move forward, with Netflix stepping in to pick it up.

This was originally developed as Skyscraper was getting ready to hit theaters. There was a lot of buzz behind the original action flick ahead of its release. Unfortunately, it underperformed a bit at the box office, topping out at just $304 million worldwide, which wasn't all that great when taking the $125 million production budget into account. But since Netflix doesn't rely on box office dollars, it may be a better fit for the streaming service.

Dwayne Johnson, meanwhile, is busy as ever. He went straight from promoting Jumanji: The Next Level into filming this, and he'll be moving onto to the long-gestating Black Adam movie for Warner Bros. and DC Films next. Red Notice does not yet have a release date set, but with filming underway now, we should expect to see it sometime in 2021. It's unclear if Netflix intends to give it any sort of theatrical run, like The Irishman, or if this will strictly be for subscribers to enjoy. Be sure to check out the photo from Dwayne Johnson's Instagram for yourself.