While the world tries to make sense of ever-changing social-distancing guidelines, Hollywood is struggling to get back to work on various film and television productions. Netflix's upcoming action-adventure comedy movie Red Notice recently wrapped filming. One of the film's lead actors, Gal Gadot, took to Instagram to share photos from the sets and reflect on her time spent on the project.

"Now that I'm back home I've had time to reflect on the past couple of months shooting #RedNotice. In order to go back to work during the pandemic came with a lot of sacrifices especially from our amazing crew. In order to finish shooting the movie we had to be sequestered 24/7 and only go to and from set. The crew had to be away from their families for several months and they worked their butts off so we can all deliver the best movie possible while keeping everyone safe. I'm always aware of the fact that things are impactful and special only when there's a collective force behind it. This one was for sure that. Thank you so much RedNotice crew. Thank you @rawsonthurber and my amazing co stars @therock and @vancityreynolds Can't wait for all of you to see the movie!!!! It's so damn good."
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While little is known about the plot for Red Notice so far, the movie features Dwayne Johnson as an INTERPOL agent, who is the world's greatest tracker, Gal Gadot as the world's greatest art thief, and Ryan Reynolds as the world's greatest con-man. That cast list alone will be enough to have the movie shooting to the top of Netflix's trending lists when it finally releases on the streaming platform.

The shooting for the movie was wrapped up surprisingly quickly, considering the heavy amounts of action scenes it presumably involves. This is the third collaboration between Johnson and director Rawson Marshall Thurber after Central Intelligence and Skyscraper. The three main leads are also connected to the Fast and Furious franchise, having appeared in the series and its spinoff at different points as various characters.

The photos Gadot shared from the sets of Red Notice showed the actress laughing arm-in-arm with Reynolds and Johnson, decked out in a glamorous red gown, and participating in an action sequence where she can be seen holding a gun. Most prominently, every single member of the Netflix crew except the lead actors are wearing face masks. The strict adherence to mask-wearing is in line with how Johnson had previously described the measures taken on the sets of Red Notice to avoid infection as the most stringent in all of Hollywood.

"We have implemented the most aggressive health and safety measures in all of Hollywood, but as I shared with our crew yesterday, we're all still in beta phase with no 'playbook' to reference. We're an agile crew - learning on the go and we will create the blueprint for how effective a large scale production can operate during [the global emergency]."