Millennium Films has decided that they will continue to work on Red Sonja with Bryan Singer. Just this week, the director had four more men come forward with allegations of sexual assault that occurred in the late 1990s when they were all minors. Singer denies these allegations, along with the several other allegations against him dating back to 1997. Singer was famously fired from the set of Bohemian Rhapsody with only weeks left to go and retained his directing credit despite alleged erratic behavior.

Red Sonja producer Avi Lerner stood up for Bryan Singer in a recently released statement. When it comes down to it, the blockbuster success of Bohemian Rhapsody had a lot to do with the decision. Many people in the entertainment industry have been removed from projects for far less, but Singer seems to be doing okay. Lerner had this to say.

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"I continue to be in development for Red Sonja and Bryan Singer continues to be attached. The over $800 million Bohemian Rhapsody has grossed, making it the highest grossing drama in film history, is testament to his remarkable vision and acumen. I know the difference between agenda driven fake news and reality, and I am very comfortable with this decision. In America people are innocent until proven otherwise."

For many, this news may come as a bit of a shock, especially in the era of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. There was a backlash against the Golden Globes for giving Bohemian Rhapsody high honors because of Bryan Singer's past and there has been a petition to have the director removed from Red Sonja. The latest article about the director includes over 50 sources with research that took a year to conduct. However, when it came time to publish, Esquire magazine backed out and the piece was sold to the Atlantic, who had no problem running it.

Bryan Singer is using the fact that Esquire declined to run the story as vindication. Singer called one of the journalists "homophobic" and claims that they have a "bizarre obsession with me dating back to 1997." The director then claims that the piece was killed by Esquire for a lack of credible sources. So, Singer will remain on board for Red Sonja, where he stands to make up to $10 million.

The four new allegations against Bryan Singer are not unique. The director has been accused of sexually assaulting young boys since the late 1990s when actors on the set of Apt Pupil claimed that he made them all remove their clothing to get fully nude for a shower scene. Since then, multiple men have come forward with allegations over the years. Author Bret Easton Ellis has even alleged that two of his former partners have attended underage sex parties hosted by Singer and director Roland Emmerich. Regardless, Bryan Singer will continue to work on the upcoming Red Sonja movie. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news.