Comic book herione, Red Sonja, is getting a much needed re-do when it hits theaters next year for Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films.

Red Sonja, created by sword-and-sorcery legend Robert E. Howard, was introduced into Marvel's Conan the Barbarian comics in 1973 and soon was given her own title. Variety adds last year, Dynamite Entertainment launched a new Red Sonja series that has gone on to be one of the bestselling indie comicbooks on the market.

The original 1985 Red Sonja film, starring Brigitte Nielson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, was released by MGM to dismal box office numbers.

In addition to film rights, Millennium and Emmett/Furla picked up ancillary rights associated with the pic, such as a possible video game. No word on a production schedule for Red Sonja.