The Red Sonja remake is in need of a new director and we have a seemingly strong candidate for the gig. Amber Tamblyn, best known for her work in front of the camera in movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and 127 Hours, has thrown her hat in the ring. She may not have been on anyone's list to direct a potential big blockbuster comic book adaptation, but she is certainly making a strong case for herself.

This comes not long after it was revealed that Bryan Singer (X-Men) has been removed from the project. He was attached to Red Sonja last year in a rather controversial move by Millenium Films, who put him on the project despite his long history of sexual abuse allegations, and despite the fact that he had been fired from Bohemian Rhapsody for his on-set behavior. Finally, they've decided to part ways with Singer, leaving a vacancy in the director's chair.

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Enter Amber Tamblyn. Taking to Twitter, the actress and filmmaker shared an article regarding Bryan Singer departing the project saying, "Pick me" rather enthusiastically. To further show just how serious she is, and to display that she's genuinely a huge fan of the character, who made her debut in Marvel Comics as a Conan the Barbarian spin-off back in 1973, Tamblyn shared a picture of herself dressed up as Red Sonja as a child.

"And just so you know how serious I am, once again, here is a photo of me dressed up for halloween as Red Sonja when I was seven. I was obsessed back then and still remain obsessed now."

Many on Twitter took to this idea rather quickly. Someone suggested that Gail Simone, who has written a number or Red Sonja comics and is an acclaimed comic book writer beyond that, should pen the script, with Jessica Chastain and Busy Phillips as its stars. To which, Amber Tamblyn said, "Make this happen Twitter." Further, Tamblyn made a point that she has experience as a director, turning people's attention toward her directorial debut Paint It Black.

"Aaaaaand lastly here is the trailer for my directorial debut, Paint It Black, which came out a few years ago and is on Netflix. Just so you know I do volatile women, very very well."

Last we heard, the script, in its current form, comes from Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class). So, that version pitched on Twitter seems like a long shot. But Amber Tamblyn directing? She really does make a convincing case. Plus, this really is the kind of movie that should have a female director, and should have had one from the beginning. Look at what Patty Jenkins did with Wonder Woman. And look at what Marvel Studios has done with out-of-the-box directors time and time again. Why not have Tamblyn direct Red Sonja? The ball is in your court, Hollywood. Be sure to check out the posts from Amber Tamblyn's Twitter account below.