Last week we reported that director Kevin Smith is self-distributing his horror movie Red State, first taking it on tour with a roadshow presentation starting in March. It seems Red State might look a tad different than it did during its Sundance debut, as Kevin Smith revealed that he plans to take anywhere between five to ten minutes out of the film as it now stands.

Here's what he had to say:

"The movie that I showed the cast and crew screening at wrap, two days after we wrapped, I showed them the whole movie, that's the movie I pretty much showed at Sundance with end credits attached to it... I loved the movie, we knew what we were doing in terms of editing it, it was a beautiful running time and stuff... and then we go to Sundance and I sit in the back and for the first time I get to watch it with 1200 people who have no involvement with the movie, no involvement with me...

So I'm sitting there going 'Okay, there's something I thought would work, didn't play with the audience,' 'Something I thought would get a nice reaction just kinda laid there,' 'Boy, that played way bigger than I ever thought it would, maybe we should shape something around there,' and just found some time to take out... if I had to guess I'm saying five to ten minutes somewhere in there.

And Jon [Gordon, producer] fought me on it. Jon was just like, 'Why bother dude, we're our own bosses, nobody's telling you to take it out.' Back in the old days Harvey would be 'I love it! Take ten minutes out,' no direction at all, just take the time out, so Jon's like 'We don't have to do that now, we don't have to really cut the movie at all.' I said, 'Yeah, but I'm a filmmaker first and foremost, dude, and I want the movie to play as gangbusters as possible,' and if the length of [Michael] Parks' speech is making anybody remotely go 'Maybe that speech is a little long' ... I want them to love Parks as much as I do. So for me, right, I'm an editor, you kill your babies every step of the way as an editor."

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